Historical Home
This house was constructed by Roger Q. Mills in
1856.  Mills came to Corsicana, Texas from
Kentucky in 1852 and entered the practice of law in

"When Sam Houston traveled to Corsicana, Texas on
June 27, 1857, one of his more vocal enemies lived in
this house.  The poor reception to Houston's
two-hour speech was attributed to Mills' influence.  
The local press said, 'there was no applause, in fact
several got up and left.  Where upon Houston
remarked that the wives of Mills' men should poor hot coffee down the back of there necks.'  Two years later, when Houston was elected Governor of Texas, Mills suggested that the carpet be removed from the
Capitol since ' the Great Mogul of the
Know-Nothings' was used to wigwams.
(Sam Houston's Texas, University of Texas Press - Austin - Sue
Flanagan, 1964)

Later, Roger Q. Mills became a United States Senator
and was the chairman of the Ways and Means